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January 16, 2007


A M Frank

I really enjoyed the movie also (the STORY I mean). I question some of the values though. Obviously we are being told that we should accept all peoples, even Vernon Hardapple, and his white girlfriend with small shoulders. We must be kind to people and be accepting. Oh, and its ok to shoot dogs as well.


Thanks for the drink recipe. Just found my first bottle of Dickel this week and my wife remembered the movie lines.

Lisle Nye

I found out by accident what a gem of a movie this is.. I find an actor I like and follow his movies. My family wont even watch it.(poorer for that to be sure)typical Family reaction. From the Chancellor's hobby to Dr Gaskell's Dead Dog. Throw in Marilyn Monroe's wedding jacket, Oola and double Dickle on the rocks.how can u miss!!

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